Program Management & Coordination Office

The Program Management and Coordination Office (PMCO) shall serve as the secretariat of the Board. It shall be headed by a Director who shall serve as the Secretary of the Board. As Secretary, he/she is an ex-officio member of the Board. The PMCO shall have four technical units and an administrative and finance unit. In case the PCMO decides to directly implement projects (other than research, IEC and training), it may create an implementation team under the office of the Deputy Director. Such body shall be temporary and shall only exist for the duration of the project. The number of teams shall depend on the number of projects under implementation.

The PMCO shall be supported by Action Officers from the eight municipal and two provincial LGUs who shall be designated as such by their respective Local Chief Executives (LCEs). It shall likewise be supported by Point Persons from NEDA, DENR, DA, DOT, BFAR and PIA. These point persons shall be officially designated by their respective Regional Directors.

Program Management & Coordination Office (PMCO) Specific Functions:

a) Manage the day to day operations of the LMDA;

b) Prepare short, medium and long term work and financial plans for approval of the LMDA Board and submit copies of these plans to the local development councils and the respective Sangguniang;

c) Implement and monitor the activities of the LMDA; Directory of Board of Trustees

d) Submit regular reports to the LMDA Board, copy furnished the participating agencies to this MOA;

e) Serve as secretariat to the LMDA Board;

f) Hold, manage and disburse the funds of the LMDA in accordance with the approved work and financial plans and subject to Government accounting and auditing procedures, rules and regulations;

g. Prepare and submit relevant policies formulated by the Board to the respective Sanggunian for their appropriate action;

h. Consolidate data, plans and programs of other agencies that are related to the operationalization of LMDA;

i. Maintain a database to support its planning and monitoring functions; and

j. Perform such other functions and duties as may be assigned to it by the LMDA Board.

(Source: LMDA Manual of Operation)

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