Physical Feature of Lake


Fast Facts:

Watershed Area 87,072.00 hectares
Aggregate land area 72,372.00 hectares
Lake Surface 17,060.00 hectares (BFAR)
Shoreline 62.10 kilometers
Maximum Depth 223 meters
Mean Depth 128 meters
Volume 18.00 cu. Km.
No. of Tributaries 28 major rivers
Outlet of the Lake Kalinawan River
Length (north to south) 29.10 kilometers
Climate: Type II (maximum rainfall Nov. to Jan.)
Surface Temperature Ranges 27.00 ºC to 30.66 ºC
Dissolved Oxygen Ranges 5.90 to 8.01 mg OL-1
PH Ranges 7.2 (40m) to 7.9 (0m)
Lake Classification Oligotrophic Lake (PCAMRD)
Water Classification Class A (EMB)
Total Population 142,344 (Census 2007, NSO)


The lake Mainit area straddles the Southern part of Surigao del Norte and northern part of Agusan del Norte comprising the eight municipalities. The Lake Mainit & its watershed is situated in a small peninsula extending North from Eastern side of Mindanao. The lake lies only 30 meters above sea level and is separated on the West side from Bohol Sea by Malimono ranges which is a narrow strip of land. The relief of the strip is uniformly sharp and includes numerous peaks forming a ridge between 500 to 600 meters above sea level. This continues to pass through the north end of the lake into the watershed of the Mayag River, which flanked on the west side by several peak exceeding 1,000 meters high. This valley is steep and much more irregular in the northwest portion of the watershed, but is gentle in the northeast portion. The east side flanked by Diwata mountain ranges with peaks as high as 1,000 meters.
Land Area: (by municipality from two provinces)
Province/Municipality Area Percentage
Surigao del Norte 24,728 28 %
Sison 1,310 1.5 %
Tubod 4,420 5.1 %
Mainit 9,772 11.2 %
Alegria 6,310 7.2 %
Others (Malimono,etc.) 2,916 3.4 %
Agusan del Norte 64,344 72 %
Kitcharao 10,485 12.0 %
Jabonga 19,060 21.9 %
Santiago 16,834 19.3 %
Tubay 7,450 8.6 %
Others (Cabadbaran) 8,515 9.8 %

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