Sustainable Fisheries Management Planning Workshop

By: Gilbert P. Leopoldo

The Lake Mainit Development Alliance successfully conducted a two-day Sustainable Fisheries Management (SFM) Planning Workshop on October 14-15, 2008. This was held at Agricultural Training Center, Mainit, Surigao del Norte. The participants of this training – workshop were the Municipal Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council (MFARMC) Officers, Local Research Person’s (LRP), Municipal Agriculturist (MA), Agricultural Technologist (AT), Academe, LMDA PMO staff and selected Line Agency like NEDA, BFAR, and DA.

The programme was facilitated by the MSU-Naawan Team headed by their Team Leader Dr. Asuncion B. De Guzman. The purpose of the Planning- Workshop is the presentation of Progress Report of MSU-Naawan in their on-going study of the Lake and validation of data by the different stakeholders. The second day of the training was the actual planning-workshop for the formulation of Vision, Mission and Goals of SFM.

The programme started with the inspiring welcome address of Hon. Mayor Ramon Mondano of Municipality of Mainit. It was followed by the introduction of the Team members of MSU-Naawan by Dr. Asuncion B. De Guzman. The first part of the Workshop – Training was the presentations of MSU – Naawan Team of their Progress Report. They later categorized the workshop by module and its module has assigned 1 presenter. The participant positively responds and exchanged their experiences on the training. It was well presented by the MSU Team and as to participants was aspired and had a great challenge and responsibility in Sustaining and Conserving the Lake Mainit for our future generation.

In the second day, the team had grouped the participants by municipality. It was timely that they are building policies for Sustainable Fishery Management (SFM) since most of the municipal action officers are present together with their Municipal Agriculturist. The SFM policies had been made well and will be polish for the next SFM meeting. The most exciting part was the formulation of Vision, mission and Goals. On the whole, it was well participated as to sharing and exchanging of knowledge, experiences and ideas. It then came out with a good output during the end of the day. The LMDA PMO and MSU – Naawan Team has planned that the next SFM meeting will be the finalization of the Study. Engr. Recabo, Jr., LMDA Programme Director was confident that this could be the first step on the realization of the Unified Ordinance of Lake Mainit. He was also thankful to participants for their unending support to the SFM Lake Mainit Workshop-training.


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