AusAID-PACAP approves new FOCAS projects in Lake Mainit




The Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) Philippines- Australia Community Assistance Program (PACAP) has approved another Focal Community Assistance Scheme (FOCAS) projects during the PACAP Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting last December 13, 2007. This project entitled “People’s Livelihood Efforts in Agroforestry and Sustainable Environment” will be implemented by Propegemus Foundation, Inc. to Barangay Camp Edward and Budlingin, Alegria, Surigao del Norte in cooperation of the partner Peoples Organization like the Budlingin Rural Workers Association and Camp Edward Integrated Farmers Association. The total project grant fund from PACAP is Php 2,991,670.00 while the total counterpart is Php 1,678,300.00.

Meanwhile, the PAC also approved the project proposal of Kasanyangan Rural Development Foundation, Inc. last September 21, 2007 entitled “Increasing Competencies of Upland Farmers for Sustainable Livelihood” which will be implemented to Barangay Paco, Binga and Bobonaon in Mainit, Surigao del Norte. The partner People’ Organization (POs) to be assisted are Upland Farmers Association of Binga, Bobonaon Farmers Association, and Coconut Farmers Association of Paco. The PACAP grant fund is Php 2,839,350.00 and the total counterpart of the project implementing partners (NGOs, POs and LGUs) is Php 1,471,751.07.

The Increasing Competencies of Upland Farmers for Sustainable Livelihood intervention on Natural Resource Management will focus on the riverbank rehabilitation using bamboo (afus) seedlings and appropriate tree species to Barangay Paco. On the Enterprise Development and Management the project will establish three units multi-purpose building (around 30 square meters each); purchase two decorticating machines for coco coir/dust production; and establish 12 hectares of lacatan intercrop under coconut trees. The project will also provide capability building and advocacy particularly on NRM trainings, strengthening farmer’s organizations and technical training. Other project components include the project planning, monitoring and assessment/evaluation, IEC and Consultations, and project management.

Likewise, the PLEASE project will be establishing agroforestry by planting 70 hectares agroforestry area with Rambutan, Lanzones, Abaca, Falcata, Corn, Mongo, Peanuts; and putting up of a nursery for seedling production. On enterprise development, the project will provide two stripping machines and other equipment for abaca raw material production and product marketing. The project will also help in strengthening the partner People’s Organizations through conducting relevant capability building trainings. Advocacy, Information, Education Campaign and Sustainability Mechanism; Project Management; and Monitoring and Evaluation Scheme are other major project components of PLEASE.

These two projects will fully start its implementation by January or February 2008 until June 2009. Currently, PACAP has already provided to Lake Mainit a total of Php 26,427,482.60 grant fund for the eight community-based projects and secretariat contract. The project implementing partners, POs and LGUs have also committed to provide a total cash and/or in-kind counterpart of Php 13,518,852.77.


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